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Christmas launch edition

The festive period is upon us and that means the return of Sam-ta mail.

We’re excited to announce that throughout December we’ll have a full programme of Christmas activities for you to join in with. Keep an eye on your inbox for more…

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Last editions social party picture winner

Thank you for all your social party picture entries.

And the winner was Cat Gunning with her pics of some of the CRE team from last years Optimum Christmas party.

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Last editions Halloween Instagram winner


Thank you for all your Halloween entries.

The winner of the Halloween Instagram challenge was Caroline Clarke

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Brain teaser...


Which four-letter word connects all the following words?


First correct answer gets a mention and the kudos in the next newsletter!

The winner of last week’s Brain Teaser was June O’Shea – Well done!! The answers were 44 & 0.

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Something fun...

Creative christmas recipes

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One to watch...

TOP 10 Classic christmas movies

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One to listen to...

CLassic christmas playlist

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Christmas in London

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